Trucking Courses! Dispatch, Freight Broker, QuickBooks, IFTA, Safety

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Boston Transportation Dispatch Training - In Class - Chicago - or Online - PH: 331-551-8787

Live in Group or Zoom Video Training


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1. Freight Broker Training

Freight Broker Training in Chicago!
VIP Training in Small Groups!
Learn Sales Techniques!
Find your own Customers!
Expand your Possibilities!
Close Deals!
Beat The System!
Real Hands-On Training!
Special! learn how government contracting can generate constant revenue for your business!

2. Dispatcher Training for Trucking Companies

Industry has moved on. Loadboards are updating. Brokers boards have gone on apps. Stay in trend and book better loads!
In this class, you will learn how to effectively cover trucks with loads. You will learn how to distinguish between types of trailers and types of cargo; how to talk to brokers and book the best paying loads; how to resolve emergency situations while keeping everything and everybody under control. This class also covers some safety, billing, insurance, ELD, factoring, and business management topics. It is ideal for anyone looking to work as a dispatcher or willing to start up their own MC – motor carrier business.

3. Safety Manager Training for Trucking Companies

This detailed class is great for beginners and people having little knowledge of safety.
In a trucking industry today, safety means better paying loads and lower insurance costs – which means financial stability for a company. Safety Manager Class is our unique and customized program for those who want to learn how to keep up with ever changing DOT rules. In this class, you will learn everything you need to know to be ready for a safety audit – driver qualifications, vehicle safety, logbooks, drug and alcohol policies and everything else you need to know to be compliant with DOT. Also included with the class are all the company safety policies, lease agreements, and drug and alcohol policy. Last 2 classes are dedicated to Logbooks Audit and NEW! Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Training on Drugs and Alcohol.
Graduates receive 3 certificates:
Safety manager for trucking company
Hours of service audit for trucking companies
Reasonable suspicion supervisor training on drugs and alcohol

4. Car Hauler Dispatch Training

Do you want to upgrade to auto carrier business?

Are you a truck dispatcher or driver looking for a career change?

Are you our dispatch student and you want to expand your opportunities?

This Car Hauler Dispatch Training is for you then!

This intensive class will teach you auto transport basics, loadboards, paperwork and requirements.

5. IFTA Calculation Class for Trucking Companies

It is a 3 hour workshop where you will learn how to compute and file IFTA yourself. Have everything under your control – no mistakes or late filings. No rush – do it whenever it is convenient for you. Also in this class – Kentucky, New York, and New Mexico TAX returns.

6. QuickBooks for Trucking Company

This is our uniquely developed training designed to teach you book keeping skills for a trucking industry. We work on one of the most popular and user-friendly accounting softwares.
You will learn to:

keep track of income and expenses
generate profit and loss reports for tax and financial purposes
pay drivers
bill brokers
record owner equity
record factoring, and much more!

It sounds complicated, but it actually makes your life easier in a long run.
Class is taught on Windows OS only.
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