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DIP NAIL or ACRYLIC TECH avna Downtown/Westloop /Old Town

Нэмэгдсэн Apr 09, 2021 | Зар үзэгдсэн тоо: 148
Very... Very busy salon...know for dip, no chip, acrylic. spa pedicure.. and nails designs

Great rating salon on Yelp and Goolge and insta gram



We have many customers with appointments.

Need female nail techs that can do the really good dip.

We pay salary plus commission

Flexible working schedule: Part-time or full-time, half-day or full-day..

We strictly follow COVID safety protocol

Spacious and clean salon

Next to Metra and other public transportation.

Text Peter at 224-307-5519 or email peter@nailacarte.com

website: www.nailacarte.com
our address: 117 S. Clinton Chicago IL 60661
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