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Kitchen or Dish Washer $2,900 NET/Month

Нэмэгдсэн Jan 12, 2019 | Зар үзэгдсэн тоо: 604
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Do not make a call

Japanese Restaurant (Lincoln + Irving Park)
Kitchen experience preferred

Starting $2,700.00/Net per Month
3 month training $2,900.00/Net Per Month
1 year $3,100 or More

Job Descriptions
Floor and bathroom Cleaning, Dish washing, Preparation, Help Cooking,
Help Sushi bar etc

Please make a appointment for job interview
or come to job interview
6PM ~10 PM

Working hours
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thurs 3:30Pm~11:00 PM
1 OFF (after interview negotiable)

Fri 11AM~11:00PM
Sat 11AM ~ 11:00PM
Sun 11AM ~10:00 PM

Working schedule could be changed after interview
Applicant may have different conditions
Asian Kitchen Experience Preferred

Please Text or Email
Do not make a call

3908 N. Lincoln Ave
Chicago IL 60613
Wasabi Cafe
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